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Groovin' in Greasland (2017)
Alligator Records

Estrin and his celebrated band of virtuosos present another infectious collection of whip-smart blues, filled with crafty songwriting and exceptional musicianship.  The songs are delightfully wily and warped lyrically, effortlessly tight and playful musically. Thirteen fresh originals ride Estrin’s powerhouse harmonica and “hard-luck sandwich on wry” lyrics and the Nightcats’ wild guitar, soul-deep organ and greasy grooves.

“Powerful, rollicking and magical…virtuoso harp, wildly eccentric guitar, sly, streetwise vocals and great songs”  – Blues & Rhythm

You Asked For It!

You Asked For It ... Live! (2014)
Alligator Records

First-ever live release from one of the tightest, hardest-touring bands in American roots music.  Features a host of Rick Estrin classics, including "Dump That Chump", "My Next Ex-Wife", "Clothes Line" and more, plus a new song and a sparkling rendition of Sonny Boy Williamson’s "Too Close Together".  An instant party starter.

"Infectious, captivating, powerful blues…Intense Chicago-style harp, witty songs and tough-as nails grooves"Living Blues

One Wrong Turn

One Wrong Turn (2012)
Alligator Records

Packed with wry, irreverent songs brought to life by electrifying performances, as Estrin and The Nightcats shift effortlessly from the jaunty tiki-rock of "D.O.G." to the deranged surf music splendor of "The Legend Of Taco Cobbler", not to mention the uproarious send-up "(I Met Her On The) Blues Cruise".

"Hugely entertaining, wickedly cool blues and roots rock with a twist...masterful harmonica." - Living Blues


Twisted (2009)
Alligator Records

Estrin’s offbeat, yet razor-sharp lyrical visions backed by a visceral, rock-infused guitar punch. Hard-charging Chicago blues, frisky West Coast jump and jaunty retro-rock make way for a haunting slow blues or two, only to rev back into rollicking action. Highlights Estrin’s wry, cutting vocals and amazing harmonica chops, plus Kid Andersen’s killer fretwork and a rock solid rhythm section.

"Estrin is an amazing harmonica player, a soulful lead vocalist and a brilliant original songwriter. Estrin's harmonica sings alongside blues tunes that entertain audiences like no other in the genre."  - San Francisco Chronicle

Rick Estrin Harmonica Secrets

Rick Estrin Reveals Secrets Subtleties & Tricks of the Blues Harmonica (2012) 

Rick Estrin - singer, songwriter, showman, raconteur, fashion plate,and harmonica player extraordinaire, has tapped into his remarkable panoply of talents to produce this unique DVD aimed at raising the playing and performance skills of aspiring harmonica players of all levels. 

While most instructional materials focus on the physical aspects of playing the instrument, Rick addresses the equally important conceptual side of music and performance: how to get inside the groove and let it carry you to a greater degree of freshness and creativity, avoid being stuck in a rut and becoming a prisoner of stale patterns and clichés, how to listen and construct interesting solos, and how to connect with your audience, entertain them, and “get over” with the crowd. 

His 25 years of performing all over the world as the front man for Little Charlie and & the NIghtcats - now Rick Estrin and the NIghtcats, has given him a wealth of experience which he now shares with you. I guarantee that you'll learn a lot, and as is always the case with Rick, be hugely entertained along the way. -Jerry Portnoy